We provide students the option to take advantage of our exclusive job experience and work placement assistance after they complete an approved course.

The only beauty academy in Maharashtra that has been approved by the Maharashtra Government and is recognised by the Maharashtra State Government Skill Development Board.

Please note that these are not guaranteed Рin order to take advantage of these incredible chances and work with our clients, each student must demonstrate to us that they are professional and reliable. Students are also required to pass practical skills and be marked in the examination as per the Maharashtra Skill Development Board Standard. 

Please note that our work experience placements are not included in the course fees- they are an extra bonus of support offered to our students. To see where in the world you could be working.


We recognise and respect your desire to pursue a fulfilling, stable, growth-oriented, and intriguing career path. When you enrol in a course at Beauty Talents Academy, which is approved by the Maharashtra State Government Skill Development Board, we work relentlessly to help you find a career that is a great match for your current skills and knowledge. Our specialists will work with you throughout the learning process to ensure that your skill sets are up to date with industry standards. In addition to technical capabilities, our training institute assists you in honing your communication and presentation skills so that when you complete your career course at Beauty Skills Academy, you are job-ready.